Monday, November 27, 2006

God, I hope that's a mole.

Killer, following the trends

I read a few blogs by my peers and have noticed a startling trend today. It started when I read Othur-me's post at: Immunopressed, and continued when I read Mist1's guest post at: Sarcastic Fringehead. It only become more obvious when I checked out Margaret's brief post to:Praying for the depraved soul of me, Margaret. It seems there is something in the air today. Something turning all my fellow bloggers into sex crazed maniacs.

I don't begrudge them this new found sexual proclivity. I am just wondering what has brought it about. Do blogs have a sweeps week? Am I going to fall behind in the ratings because I was not smart enough to spice things up during the single most important time of the year?

Well, I am not one to miss out. I am stripping naked as I type in order to get in the mood to spew out some really provocative stuff. Oh yeah, I can feel the juices beginning to boil. This is liberating. I am going to say some things that I usually have to pay $2.95 for the first minute, and $.95 for each additional minute, to say. You had better stand back, this might get messy.

Oh Lord! I have a mirror right next to my desk, and man is that what I look like naked? This is quite disturbing. You should start counting your blessings that this is not a video blog. I can't think of any evolutionary purpose for me to have hair in some of those places. Maybe if I turn this way I can find a better angle... EWWWWW...That only made it worse.

So, I am definitely not in a sexual mood any longer. Sorry, I hope I didn't lead you on. Maybe we should just be friends, it's not you it's me. Don't quit reading just because I couldn't get you all turned on with my writing. I promise to try harder, and I also promise never to post any nude photos.


fringes said...

You noticed all that, too? I think it's holiday stress disorder. And, let me say, othurme started it!

othur-me said...

No, Red started it. She said my next post HAD to be "How To Eat Cooochie" (I refuse to spell it correctly on any other blog than my own for fear of losing my top position in the google search).... so.... I did.

While Killer is here trying to predict what people want (which apparently is not naked picture of him, but only pictures of him in playboy bunny attire), I simply fulfill the requests of my reader(s). Blame Red.

othur-me said...

Thought, I am liking how this is becoming a cross blog debacle. I thought I would be the only one taking heat for it. I'm glad that Mist and Margaret are in on the action.

Killer said...

I am actually glad to see everyone blogging in the gutter. Liz was worried that our posts recently had been rather crude in subject.
I think it is just art imitating life.

mist1 said...

You are such a tease.

Liz said...


I told my co-workers about the man having sex with the dead deer on the side of the road. Heads Up: This isn't well accepted as appropriate office fodder. It could have been because I shared over morning coffee.

Anyway, FYI to all.

You're welcome.

Mel Francis said...

I was almost there.

Life is so unfair.

Thanks for nothing. Sigh. guess I'll have to get my jollies somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

It wasn't a recent event, me turning into a sex starved maniac!

Red said...

Gutter blogging! I love it. I accept all blame. I'm a redhead, for cryin' out loud.

Wait until I tell you guys about my FINALIZED New Year's goody bags!