Monday, November 20, 2006

Something is Fishy

A: Blogger sucks. I tried to post last night, but blogger was down for a few hours and I could never get it in.

Today I learned an interesting fact about California health care that has changed in the past year while I was away in Memphis. Now, with left over narcotic drugs, they have a special container that has a large sponge in the bottom for wasting into. In the past, when you had a 8mg syringe of Morphine, but your patient was only ordered 4mg, you gave the patient 4mg, and shot the rest down the sink. Or, if you were less than upstanding, you shot the rest into your ass.

It appears the Hippies-without-a-cause around here, which there apparently are many, decided that the practice of sending small doses of narcotics down the drain, would add up to a large drug problem for the aquatic life at the receiving end of the drainage pipe.

Was there a big problem with drug addicted fish that had been discovered the last few years? Maybe a seedy underbelly of fish society has been exposed. A growing number of fish dropping out of their schools and hanging out around the old drainage pipe looking to get high. A group of fish who are no longer contributing to the fish society of eating, swimming and pooping. What else do these damn fish have to do besides get high? I say let them have the drugs.

All we are doing by not giving the fish free drugs is increase the criminal element that will now be involved with fish drugs. We have gotten them addicted over the years, and now we expect them to stop cold turkey? All we have done is create a group of desperate fish giving little fishy hand jobs in the bad part of the ocean in order to score the next high.

I think we should not jump the gun. Keep the fish with their drugs until they start showing some negative drug problems. Lets wait until there is an increase in domestic violence, increase in fish on fish crime, or atleast until some celebrity fish overdoses in a rock star type fashion, maybe Nemo will turn up in a French hotel dead after choking on his own vomit. Show me a petition being passed around by MADS (Mothers Against Drunk Swimming). Who are the human nut jobs who seem to have an insight into the drug addictions of the animal kingdom?

I for one intend to keep sending my extra drugs down the drain. That is better than my previous plan of keeping them until the next time I go SCUBA diving and try to get a fishy hand job.


chad said...

forget about fishy hand jobs. think of what flipper, in a drug-induced stupor, might let you do to his blow hole.

Anonymous said...

Someone should at least start the fish on methadone, fish having to go cold-turkey is just wrong.

fringes said...

Glad to see you're having fun at the new gig.

othur-me said...

I believe they're called "fin jobs"....and on the street we call them "finnies."

mist1 said...

So, if I eat fish, will I get high?