Monday, November 06, 2006

That Post It Note Is Making Me Horny

Liz... TYPES... >:-[

Have I ever confessed my intense addiction to office supplies? I got so ravenously jealous over a set of Pentel Sunburst Metallic Gel pens that my 6-year old godchild had that I went out and bought my own damn pack. The fact that I CAN shell out $7 on a set of gel pens makes me realize how fortunate, and superior, I am.

I seldom allow myself to venture into the "executive" section of a department store. I know what they're pushing in there and I simply CANNOT and WILLNOT allow myself to spend $180 on an ink pen. So it's better if I just stay away. BUT I do sometimes browse. I touch the fine leather planners, the day organizers in the fresh colors of the new season, the heavy paper and the desk sets. GOD.

The other day I was allowing myself that guilty pleasure. Also reviewing the selection was a 60ish year old man, pudgy, bulbous nosed and overweight. I watched carefully as he selected the pen he wanted to purchase; a pretty number, somewhere in the $90 neighborhood. He was so careful about his selection. He perused, he touched, he grasped. He searched for the connection, the balance that a good pen provides.

I gotta tell ya, it kind of turned me on.

I am totally into things that glitter, so I should be able to keep my addiction within my financial parameters. But one day I'm going to marry well and when I do, I'll send the invitations to the BBQ on an exquisite linen paper with neon purple and electric blue writing.

Handwritten, of course.


C said...

Hey a BBQ wedding is fun and won't keep you in debt long after the divorce proceedings.

Killer said...

It is a phallic symbol, that pen.
I now know what to get you for Christmas, I am going to make a pen from scratch.

mist1 said...

I love Office Depot. Currently having an affair with neon index cards.


I also can't get enough of d "office supplies" thing...writing instruments and all that...

Margaret said...

mmm, the delicious weight of an expensive pen