Thursday, November 30, 2006

What's Wrong With That?

Liz theatrically questions:

Why do I think historical reenactors have to be dorks? I like history and I like theater, but something about combining the two makes me gasy.

My boss was in charge of his small-town's founder's day program this year. Part of the reenactment included "Civil War soldiers" and "townsfolk" standing by "their" graves and speaking to the assembled crowd by candlelight. There is a chance this could be interesting and educational and fun. There is another chance that this could be the lamest event in the history of mankind- and I'm including Jim J. Bullock being chosen center square in that assumption.

I don't really hate reenactors but I do hate reenactors who refuse to step out of character. The guards at Buckingham Palace? I understand why they have to stare straight ahead and not be part of a normal conversation; that's their full-time gig. But a guy standing around in a pilgrim's hat, wearing black Rebok's and smoking Marlboro Lights? Come on! Don't use the words "thine maiden" when you're on break.

I think I would enjoy having an alternative character that I got to release on occasion. I do not, however, think my alternative character would show school children how to turn lard into soap or use a washboard. Think of the social network that would throw you into. I already have enough trouble getting a date with a normal guy. The last thing I need is to go out with someone who only wears shoes that buckle.


Killer said...

You have something against shoes that buckle? Now that I am going more bald, I am pushing the world back towards those classical days, when all the dudes wore giant black hats.
I also know what you do on Saturday nights, so churning butter ain't so far removed.

Liz said...

You might be able to pull off the giant black hat look. As a matter of fact, I strongly encourage you to start wearing buckled shoes and a giant black buckled hat. With a cape. Made of corn shucks.

othur-me said...

Please wear something in addition to the hat, the shoes, and the cape.

mist1 said...

I think reenactments are retarded. I wonder if 50 from now, we will reenact taking Falluja? Maybe it's just me, but I don't get all nostalgic over the Civil War.

chewes said...

Hearing "Thine maiden" makes me kinda tingle inside ;) I don't think I would mind someone calling me that.