Thursday, November 30, 2006

To Do List

Killer, getting #1 out of the way.

Things to do today, and the probability they will be accomplished:

1. Write a post for blog. 90% chance for success, but it will probably be pulled out of my ass.

2. Start long awaited exercise regiment. 0.5% chance for success. My only real hope of exercise is to have someone chase me down the street with a rusty knife, and even that isn't guaranteed to elicit running.

3. Go eat at Indian restaurant. 99% chance for success. I am highly motivated when it comes to eating, which is why I need #2. I would give this a 100%, but if I can't find one easily I might switch to Thai.

4. Find way to convince my old gym in Memphis to cancel my membership. 30% chance for success. I have never had trouble with this before, but these guys are membership nazis. Considering my gym manager was stalking me, you would think she knows I moved away.

5. Drink beer and watch NFL football. 100% chance for success. The only thing I am more motivated about than food is drinking beer, and the fact that I can eat as well makes this an unstoppable combination. I don't even care about Baltimore or Cincinnati, but football season is nearing an end, so I can not afford to be picky.

6. Discover solution for peace in the Middle East. 0.6% chance for success. I would like to point out the higher probability for this than exercise. There is a stipulation, if the solution for peace involves a lot of walking on my part, than it's probability should be reduced.


Anonymous said...

Exercise is highly over-rated. resist the peer pressure.

Liz said...

There is a 93% chance that you're reading this comment with a slight buzz working.

Killer said...

Actually, LIZ...(said with a snide empasis on liz)...

I just got back from walking around a track for an hour, so that makes two things on my list I accomplished.
I blogged.
I began my long awaited exercise regiment, well not really a regiment, but it will have to do.
I did not find an Indian place.
Now, I am about to get buzzed.

fringes said...

Nice to see Blogger back up. I tried commenting on this post for an hour yesterday. I could read the post through Google Reader, but I couldn't access your blog for comments. Sigh...

Now I can't remember what I was going to say.