Friday, November 24, 2006

How About Some Sane Posts, Killer Rants?

Liz asks:

Is Killer Rants quirky humor or disgusting beyond belief?

I think we've pushed the envelop too far. Killer has posted about a man humping an "incapacitated" animal and I have posted about how you can go from confused to cannibal in .5 seconds. Maybe it's because I'm almost sick from all the leftover dressing I ate earlier, but these posts seem tasteless (that is not a reference to my cannibal posting).

It's the holiday season. I think people are looking to Killer Rants for a little light-hearted spin on musing and wonderings- not a trip to the dark side of humanity. We need to keep it light and bubbly not dark and disgusting; which reminds me:

How come a 45 lb. dog can push out a turd bigger than Webster?

After Thanksgiving lunch, I went out into my parents yard and I swear I thought I was going to have to put one of them in a home THAT AFTERNOON because it was so obvious one of them had shit in the yard. There was a turd in the grass that would have convinced you that a village of giants had stopped by on the way to mountains to crap in my parents' back yard. I stared in wonderment and started considering how to brooch this subject with my folks. "Ummmm... which one of you dropped trow in the backyard and then neglected to wipe?" is what I had settled on. Luckily, I saw Pete in that humped over position that can only mean one thing and I knew instantly that that turd was, in fact, not human.

Thank God.


Killer said...

Maybe this is what we have come to...tasteless, dirty humor. I will try and clean things up a bit.

Liz said...

"It's not you, it's me."- Costanza

treespotter said...

this looks like the kinda stuff you would be interested in.

Killer said...

Well, thankyou Treespotter for that lovely link, I would not think they would be so happy and open about their horse loving ways.

Liz said...


Ewwwww. They seem articulate and somewhat normal until they start talking about viginal and anal penetration from a stallion. Ugh. I'm not happy anymore.