Saturday, January 06, 2007

Gather the kids around the old computer

Killer exposes his early beginnings

I was asked a question recently, "What was your favorite joke as a child?" After a few moments of contemplation I remembered my absolute favorite joke to tell as a kid. I loved it because it involved art, and I loved art. It also was low brow, and I love low brow.

If you have heard it before, keep your mouth shut. I don't want you ruining it for everyone else by yelling out the punchline.

The teacher one day told the class she wanted them to participate in an art project. She said she was going to draw a simple object on the chalkboard and they would take turns coming up and adding one thing to make a picture.

The teacher drew a square on the board.

She then called on Sally to come up and start. Sally added a few lines.

Sally stepped back and admired her work. The teacher asked, "what did you make?" "I made a house." smiled Sally.

The teacher then called up John. He drew on the board and stepped back sheepishly.

"And what did you add, John?" asked the teacher. "I added a sun to keep the house warm." said John, as he shyly went back to his chair.

Now the teacher called on Billy. He ran up excitedly, added his part, and grinned happily at the teacher.

The teacher looked perplexed and then asked, "Billy, what is that?" Billy looked proudly around the room then anounced, "That is my dad bending over in the shower to pick up a bar of soap."


briliantdonkey said...

Does laughing but not leaving any real comment about this post count as a comment or not?

Hopefully, considering the last post by Liz it at least satisfies the bare minimum requirements to ensure my safety for the next day or 3.


Liz said...

Does Billy's dad have triangular balls?

BD, you're safe... for NOW...

gatey said...

yeah.....i love that joke...the only thing i would add is a snow-capped roof.

Killer said...

I thought of that after Liz's comment. I guess it has been a long time since I told it. I thought maybe I was missing a step.
Imagine that, me forgeting to add the balls.

Churlita said...

Ha ha. I've never heard (seen)that one, and I thought I knew every single inappropriate, immature joke ever told.

Liz said...

YOU forgot about Balls? WTF? The universe as I once knew it no longer exists!

And my prayers are finally being answered...

Roadchick said...


The 'chick remembers that one. It won't ever get old.

In fact, the 'chick intends to go to work on Monday and tell it to the office, using the dry erase board.

EEK said...

Wow. I didn't see that punchline coming. I'm disturbed, and, yet, can't wait to tell it to my father. He loves that kind of humour.