Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Let the Gay Man Speak

Oh stop it:

So, Killer wants to bust chops by telling you all that I am a flamboyant gay man? I did this search on Am I a gay man?

I'd love to argue with Killer, but I think he's right. At least says so.

I have lots in common with gay men. I love a power drill. I'm very fond of a two-day beard rubbed across my back. My old boyfriend was the office slut too.

If it weren't for this damn vagina, the transition would be complete.

It's the comb over comment that I don't approve of. Wait. Let me rephrase:

Killer, if you talk about my hair again I will make you my bitch so fast those waxed balls you keep talkin' about will be gagging your sorry ass. You'll be choking on the stubble before you even know they've been cut. Now, fix me some iced tea. WITH LEMON.

There. That's my threatening rebuttal.

When I agree that I'm a gay man, I do want you to keep something important in mind. When you're talking about me and Killer, there is only one of us who is willing to experiment with anal penetration.

Hint: It's not me.


Killer said...

It's on like a chicken bone! (man that doesn't rhyme at all when you write it down.)

You know, I now have to have one of my crew cap someone in your crew. You better keep Kim hidden.

othurme said...

Yo! An East Coast/West Coast throw down is ON!

Liz said...


No one in my crew wants to put anything in your ass, including a cap. Please stop asking.

Liz said...

Hey, Killer. I found a website that I'm dedicating from ME to YOU (heart smiley face).

One day I'll learn how to do a link.

apositivepessimist said...

You know I don't usually applaud twosome posting blogs...this is the exception.

Ohhh battle of the blogs Liz and Killer style.

In my eyes you won this one. Sorry Killer. Guess yer gunna jest have to suck it on this one.

*not taking sides or nuthun*

Liz said...

Thank you apositive. That is also my blood type, so if things get messy around here I may have to give you a call.

apositivepessimist said...

yeah you can ring me and I'll go stab someone and borrow their blood...not too fussed on needles ;)

Kim said...

I'll be disguised as Bam.

Red said...

I like any argument that contains the words "if it weren't for this damn vagina." I think you've got the title for your autobiography.

chad said...

i'd call her bluff, k-man. she knows how much this blog would suffer if you were left with no balls to talk about.

Mel Francis said...

you get it all here at the balls and vagina blog.

Mayren said...

ohkay .. Killah you're getting the raw end of the Broom stick right now and enjoying it too much.

Liz: All I can say about your come back is "BANGARANG RUFIO!"

dancing nekkid said...

Welcome to the club, Liz!

Asasia said...

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