Friday, January 12, 2007

Single handedly destroying society

Killer failing miserably to clean things up around here

Man, I have been on a roll lately with my working conversations. The last hospital was too busy to talk, but here, there is little else to do.

Out of the blue, RN1 says, "You know, I am constantly disappointed with the increase of 'potty' humor that is being used."

I, feeling my ears turn red with guilt, replied, "What do you mean?"

RN1: "T.V. shows, comedians, and people in general only want to talk about sex, genitals, or disgusting bodily functions. I really believe that it is a sign of our culture collapsing around us when people find these things funny."

RN2: "I don't think it is any worse than the past."

RN1, flabbergasted: "What! Don't you watch T.V.? When I see this humor it makes me cry."

Me: "You actually weep if a T.V. show makes a joke about sex or diarrhea?"

RN1: "Don't you find it heartbreaking that our children are seeing this and are being taught it is acceptable and funny?"

RN2: "I think you are being a bit melodramatic."

RN1: "If you had kids you would understand."

RN2, to me: "I'm going tomorrow to get my pussy shaved."

RN1 puts her head in her hands.

Me: "I'm going to have my balls waxed next week."

RN2: "No really, I am taking my pet cat to get a haircut. He looks like a lion afterwards."

Me: "You shave your pussy to look like a lion?"

RN2: "Yes, if I don't shave him he gets very matted and poo sticks in his fur."

Me: "I wax my balls for the same reason. Afterwards they look like a turtle without it's shell."

RN1, lifts her head, stands up and as she storms away, "I don't know why I talk to you people."

Me: "She didn't cry."

RN2: "I don't know what a turtle looks like without his shell."

Me: "I'll show you later."


apositivepessimist said...

I think I have to stop lurking here.

My barked out laughs might be why my neighbours look at me funny. Then again. Fook 'em.

Liz said...

I do not like nurse one. Please, fabricate a story aobut some strateci;u [;aced peirc ing sand let me know how the conversation flows.

It's 2:49 am here. Although when I re read what I have writtrm I can identify my errors. At thi s point, we're all lucky I haven't fallen asleep with a smoke in my mouth.

And I actually thought I was going to post.

Hey, red bull and organe vodka is pretty sanzyzy.

I'm on try #6 with the word verification. This sucks.

Phonetically typed,

Burg said...

RN1 shouldn't own a televison if she's too damned stupid to keep track of what her children watch. While we're on it, she should probably just get a pair of earplugs so that her virgin ears remain untouched by our barbaric society.

Churlita said...

Does RN1 wear angel pins and keep a copy of Oral Roberts' autobiography in her locker? IF she does, she must have transferred there from my old clinic after she had a severe nervous breakdown.

And for the record, I have kids and as far as I'm concerned, without potty humor, there ain't no kind of humor at all.

briliantdonkey said...


Wow sounds like RN1 needs to relax a bit. Thanks for the laugh!


Fringes said...

Too funny! I'm still laughing while trying to type my comment.

Mel Francis said...

I love melodrama! Just think of it this way, if there weren't people like nurse 1 then you wouldn't have fodder for fantastic blogs!

Woman with kids said...

I think I just snorted. I mean, "turtle without his shell"? That's perfect.

And, RN1 would love Boy 1's facination with saying "balls." He throws it into every conversation he can until I glare at him.

Mel Francis said...

My 8 year old announced the other day that he "would never shave his balls". I snorted and said, "never say never..."

It wasn't until later that it dawned on me to wonder what prompted that train of thought to form in my youngest son's head. I decided it was best I not know, so I had a 3rd glass of wine and stuck my head in the sand.