Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Lessons Learned

Liz first defends the rib bone wind chimes:

I never thought the rib bone wind chimes could cause such controversy. In blog world, they have met with scorn and fright. In the real world... well, pretty much scorn and fright as well. No. Not really. I would say we have 40% of the population that is rabid about how cool the RBWCs are, 40% of the population that finds them disgusting/confusing/disturbing/creepy and the remainder of the population that stares straight ahead and says, "I don't get it. Are those real bones? Why? When was your last drug test?"

In homage to my Native American heritage (I'm 1/16 Indian, I think) and out of my passion for recycling, I used organic materials to create a think of beauty. I thought the environmentalists would hail this as a major accomplishment! Reuse! Recycle! I just knew that my Indian kin would embrace me and possibly try to give me a percentage of their casino royalties just to claim me as their own. Instead, I suspect I've been placed on some government watch list. Ok. Lesson learned. My arts and crafts stay private.

In other news I had a friend come over this weekend and attempt to do a "rather simple" bathtub maintenance job. This was changing the fixtures in my shower- the nozzle, the shower head, the faucet. I now have to call and pay for the following services:
  • Purchase of a new shower fixture set
  • Plumber
  • Sheet rock putter-upper
  • Painter

I'm looking at a bill that will be somewhere in the neighborhood of $1200 total.

Ok. Lesson learned. All invitations to my shower have been revoked.

And finally, I am not getting enough sleep. I think I've developed a video game addiction. I'll get on Real Arcade and play for HOURS. Next thing you know, it's 11:00. 5:15 AM comes awful early after 6 hours sleep. If I could only use my "free time" to do responsible things, this would be a better world. Like a world filled with rib bone wind chimes.


apositivepessimist said...

I thought they were exceptionally clever, myself. I can see the bodies being harvested of their ribs at a cracking pace because the demand for these will be so plentiful.

Mayren said...

ya. rib bones still creepy.
No wonder you can't sleep and try to find solace with your video games. those rib bones stick with you and haunt your subconcious.

as long as they haunt your subconcious and not mine i guess it's good.

Killer said...

Buy a Mac. You won't be able to get on the vast majority of those online game sites.
Maybe you can start a game where you hunt down people and animals to use their ribs to make wind chimes.

desiree said...

Do you think you could trade the rib bone wind chimes for plumbing services? If you find a goth plumber you might be set.