Monday, January 01, 2007

What a Way to Start the New Year

Liz lightly pecks away at the keyboard while her head pounds:

Vodka shots are BAD, evil things. I can still taste the last one I did lingering somewhere in the back of my throat, threatening to make a reappearance if I do so much as tilt my head in a funny direction.

I find similar characteristics between alcohol and men. Life is much better with it than without it, but too much time around it has painful repercussions. I am committed to not giving up alcohol or men, but I find that I get sick of both of those things pretty quickly. At what point am I going to simply give in and accept that I'm like an alcoholic Flo from Mel's diner? I want my shot after shift ends, I want to find the occasional cutie to have dinner with, and then I want to be left alone to sleep all afternoon and walk through my house without brushing my hair or teeth or showering, or even with pants on, sometimes for a couple of days.

I try avoiding new year's resolutions because they don't take. This year, however, I'm going to put not smoking back on my to do list. That gives me 12 months to make it happen before I can officially say that I, yet again, failed. That's the kind of pressure I can appreciate.

I'm thinking with this being 2007 I might try to adopt a more James Bond lifestyle. I have the vodka drinks down and as you know I'm a card player. It's the fast cars and intense knowledge of... uh... everything that I lack. I think it would be cool to find ONE characteristic or skill that James Bond has and make the mastery of that my goal for 2007. Maybe, inexplicably, I could start speaking with a British accent or maybe I could purchase a pen that will scald the skin off my coworkers with acid. The options are limitless! I really need to sit down and think about this. I have a tendency to get James Bond and the Pink Panther movies confused.

How about you? Have you resolved to do anything differently now that 007 is here?


Killer said...

I am totally willing to come live in your house and have intense battles with you when you come home.
I think that was Pink Panther, but I am still willing.

mist1 said...

I think you're right about vodka. Vodka is my abusive lover. He makes me feel so good about myself. Then, he leaves me alone in misery. I can't wait to see him again.

Liz said...

Kato, I like the idea. The image makes me laugh. However, I live alone and am commited to this concept.

Mist, He was with me last night. He's such a slut, isn't he? After the way he treated me last night, you can have him.