Saturday, January 06, 2007

Snooze Alert

Liz doesn't get it:

I slept almost 16 hours last night/today. It wasn't raining, I wasn't hung over, and I'm not sick.

I went to the Internet for answers. I had no idea I was a depressed teen, but that was the prognosis. This makes me very happy as I have started looking my age and don't really care to do that now that my age means gray hairs and crow's feet. I'm not going to argue with the Internet. Being a depressed teen explains my rebellious attitude and angst, my binges with alcohol, my fast driving, and my love of cheeseburgers.

I wonder if I can convince my supervisor to cut me slack since I'm only a teen. I've planned how I'll confront him. "Dude. I know I, like, totally dropped the ball on this one. But you know, whatever." Then I'll say something about child labor laws. My work believes in making people work overtime without compensation. That's got to be illegal if I'm 15. It SHOULD be illegal when you're 35.

I've heard people talk about sleeping too much. I thought it was a myth. However, once I finally got out of bed, around 6 this evening, I found that I didn't really want to do anything. No cleaning, no shower, no reading or creative projects. I just wanted to watch Kill Bill on TBS and keep my fingers crossed that I will fall asleep tonight before sunrise. Getting back on the Monday schedule is always tough.

God. I totally hope my parents don't find out how late I stayed up.


Neil said...

I'm not sure your parents should even be letting you watch Kill Bill.

briliantdonkey said...




And how much is keeping this information from your parents worth? I may even be willing to not tell them about stealing the bourbon and refilling the bottle with tea, or replacing the vodka with water.

Being the reasonable man that I am, I am willing to negotiate a fee. Get back to me.


othurme said...

I hope you know the dangers of not having protection, young lady.

Killer said...

The problem is, once you find out your are a depressed teen it seems to have made you very happy. Therefore ending your depressed teendom.

Liz said...

They don't know!

You know me too well! Fortunately for me, I've already been busted on those counts.

This is a conversation my parents never had with me, but it's good advice. The "keep your fingers crossed" method seems to have gone out of favor.

I think you are correct. I was up this morning by 8:30. 8:30 AM.

Churlita said...

I don't know that you're a real depressed teen because I haven't heard you talk about every guy that even looked at you as proof of your insecure hottness and you didn't write LOL even once in your post.

If you wanted to make it official, you could try working an eating disorder in there or cutting yourself...Just a few helpful hints on enhancing your teenage depression.

mist1 said...

Dude. I still get pimples. Let's talk about teen angst.

EEK said...

I've slept a lot this weekend myself. It isn't because I'm a depressed teen, though. It's because I'm supposed to be spending all of my free time studying for a test I have on Monday, and sleeping helps minimize the amount of time I have available for study. I've also been acting sullen and cranky because I don't feel like taking a test on Monday.

Hang on a sec...maybe I am a depressed teen.